Gravity Zone offers dynamic term-based trampoline classes run by Gymnastics Victoria qualified trampoline coaches.

Our trampoline classes are aimed at school-aged children of any ability, from beginners to advanced.

Beginner Classes – are great to build confidence in the fundamental skills. Participants will learn core gymnastics principals and safe jumping practices on our trampolines, including; landings, various jump styles, and basic wall running concepts.

Advanced Classes – follow with learning front and back somersaults, layouts, and other advanced manoeuvres.

Intermediate Classes – are designed to further basic skills learn in the beginner classes. Students will start to explore spins, twists, and further wall running skills. We run 3 different intermediate levels to allow the students to progress at their own rate.

Advanced Open Classes – Once advanced levels have been completed, our students are invited to continue to an open level where they are able to work with the coaches to advance the areas they seek to master.

2021 Details

We are currently working on details for Term 1 2021


Gymnastics Victoria Insurance one-off payment per year (or part thereof) $45
Discounts apply when a class falls on a public holiday
Sibling discounts apply
Full payment is required prior to the start of the term to secure your place!


We have made some adjustments following feedback received to provide better experience for you and the kids!

  • Flight school students will have access to the centre for an hour and a half, on the night of their class from 4:30pm – 6pm.
  • Class contact time will be 45 mins.
  • Class times either 4.30pm or 5:15pm

The students will focus on their skills for the first 6 weeks, and then work up to a routine using the skills they have learnt.
There will be a presentation evening at the end of the year. Parents and friends are invited to watch the kids show off what they’ve learnt in the last half of the year!


To begin, we do a trial to determine class suitability.

To be notified of our next round of trials, please sign up for our Flight School newsletter.

Trials are run by our head coach Justin Wolsley.
Bookings are for individual time slots, however, we ask that you arrive by 4:25 for 4:30 start.

Don’t forget to bring along your grip socks!
(These are available at reception for $3.00)

From there we advise which classes would be appropriate.
We then require full term payment to secure your place for the following term!

Flight School Starts Back MONDAY!

Flight School Starts Back MONDAY!Don't forget your drink bottle and grip socks For all enquiries please visit our website

Posted by Gravity Zone on Friday, 12 July 2019