Gravity Zone prioritizes the safety of all our guests

Trampolining has its own set of risks which guests must weigh up carefully
taking all precautions when jumping and using our facilities.

Safety at Gravity

Trampolining is an exciting action sport!  As such, it has its own set of risks which guests must weigh up carefully, taking all precautions when jumping and using our facilities. Please refer to our Gravity Zone Terms and Conditions .
GRAVITY ZONE is an indoor recreational centre and whilst at Gravity Zone, our guests jump, bound and fly through the air. Naturally, injuries can occur while engaged in such vigorous exercise so please consider these tips below to reduce the potential of injuring yourself or others while jumping at Gravity Zone by:

Being aware of other ‘jumpers’ around you
Jumping within your own comfort zone and skill level
Following Gravity Zone rules
Reading Gravity Zone’s terms and conditions and understanding your responsibilities onsite

Gravity Zone is about launching yourself into the air, jumping, tumbling and defying the laws of physics. It’s fun! Gravity Zone is a safety-conscious environment, rich with soft landings for your ultimate jumping satisfaction.
Gravity Zone’s rules (displayed around our site) must be carefully adhered to, ensuring the safe enjoyment of our facility for all guests whilst minimizing the potential of injury. Gravity Zone has ‘House Rules’ across the categories of General Safety Rules, Foam Zone Safety Rules, Vertical Wall Safety Rules and Performance Trampoline Safety Rules.

All participants at Gravity Zone must agree, and are obliged to follow, the Terms and Conditions as outlined under the ‘Terms and Conditions’ when booking on this website.
Participants, who do not book on–line and book on-site, MUST sign a separate Terms and Conditions document before they are allowed to participate in any jumping activities.
Gravity Zone wristbands are required for all jumping participants and the wearing of this acknowledges acceptance of the published Gravity Zone Terms and Conditions.

Trampoline Park Code of Conduct

Gravity Zone is registered with AALARA which is the Australian Amusement, Leisure and Recreation Association Inc. The association educates and trains its members to achieve standards of excellence and professionalism in business ethics, operations and practices. The assocation’s aim is also to promote and safeguard the interests of its members whilst being a relevant source of information on industry trends and statistics in the business of fun. AALARA, being the peak national body for the amusement, leisure and recreation industry in Australia provides a united indusrty voice within government and community.

General Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday 9AM – 6PM
Friday 9AM – 8PM
Saturday 10AM – 7PM
Sunday 10AM – 5PM
Public Holidays 11AM – 4PM
New Years Eve, Grand Final Day 10AM – 2PM
Easter Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day Closed

General Safety Rules

  • Gravity Zone socks must be worn to ensure good grasp upon landing
  • Only one person at a time is permitted per trampoline
  • Watch carefully for other jumpers around you
  • Land safely on two feet or your backside when bouncing
  • Bend your knees and spread your legs when entering foam pit
  • Exit the foam pit quickly.
  • Ensure your pockets are empty before entering foam pit.
  • No wrestling, double bouncing or rough conduct will be tolerated

  • No jumping or landing on padding is permitted
  • Do not go beyond your skill level in any activity at Gravity Zone
  • Do not eat, drink or use mobile phones on or near trampolines
  • No jumping whilst intoxicated
  • Never dive head first into the foam pit
  • Do not enter foam pit if others are blocking safe jumping
  • Don’t bury yourself in the foam pit – others may jump on you accidentally