Flight School Holiday Program

Each session will include 45 mins Coaching and
1 hour Jumping (5-7yo)  /
2 hour Super Session (8+)

Cost is $50 per class (places are limited to 6 in each class)

WEEK 1: 4th Jan – 8th Jan
WEEK 2: 11th Jan – 15th Jan
WEEK 3: 18th Jan – 22nd Jan

Beginner (5-7yo)

This is a beginners class, where they will learn the basics of trampolining with correct gymnastics technique. Strength and conditioning games are also introduced as a great way for the kids to enjoy these aspects of training.

Introduction (8+)

This is a beginners class for older kids, they will learn the basics of trampolining , using correct gymnastic technique. These classes will be slightly faster paced than the beginner classes.

Wall running basics will be introduced in the final week

Intermediate (9+)

The intermediate class is suitable for kids aged over 9, who have learnt the basics, either in previous classes, or at home, and are wishing to develop their skills.

Wall running progressions will be introduced in the final week

Advanced (9+)

Advanced class is suitable for kids who have either a trampoline / gymnastics or cheer background, and are looking to develop their skills further through combinations, twists, etc.

Wall running skills will be introduced in the final week

General Skills (9+)

The general skills course will be suitable for all levels for those aged over 9. This will include specific skills not limited to trampoline. EG. handstands, cartwheels, etc. No matter the level, you are able to work on and perfect this skill.

Monday        10am – Intermediate
Monday       12pm – Advanced
Tuesday       10am – Beginner
Tuesday       12pm – Introduction
Wednesday 10am – General Skills
Wednesday 12pm – Intermediate
Thursday     10am – Beginner
Thursday     12pm – Introduction
Friday           10am – Advanced
Friday           12pm – General Skills