As of the 23rd March 2020 as directed by the Australian Federal and State Government Gravity Zone will temporarily be closed from 12pm until further notice.

Gravity Zone made the decision a few weeks ago to remain open as long as possible for the benefit of our customers, who had booked parties and events and our staff who rely on the income from their work here.  We did not want to let you down, so we kept our doors open as long as we were allowed to.  Whilst limited information has been made available at this stage, the government has suggested this could last six months and will be reassessed monthly.

As such any forward booked parties or events will be offered a full credit or refund (whichever they prefer).  Existing credits stand and expiry dates will be left open indefinitely until we re-open and can offer our services again.

On behalf of all the past and present directors, the Gravity Zone team past and present, I would like to thank you all for your patronage and support over the years.  We will use the downtime to continue to renovate and be ready better than ever to open our doors as soon as we are given the all clear by the authorities.

Take care of yourself, each other and your families during this challenging time.